Monday, October 29, 2012

More Cheerleading. . . .Competition Part I

Life revolves around cheer these days.  It is keeping me very busy.  Practice, practice, and more practice, and then games on the weekends.
But we are all enjoying.  A couple of weeks ago the girls had competition.  The night before all three cheer squads met up for dinner, and hair rolling.  They had tons of fun!

The night was full of dancing.  And near the end of the night each squad performed its competition routine for  the other squads.

The mom's spent ALL night rolling tiny pieces of hair into rollers.
{Happy Face}

It was a fun night full of great memories that will stick with baby G for a lifetime.  So, although we are extremely busy, I am SO glad that we decided to cheer this year.  And we will definitely do it again next year.

Stayed tuned for Part Two with TONS of competition photos.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

FIELD TRIP ~ Native American Festival

Friday I had the day off from work, and was able to attend babyG's first field trip of the year.
The third grade class headed to Moundville for the Native American Festival.

 They had so many cute activities set up for the kids to participate in.

 But G, said that she felt like she did not really learn anything.  I agree with her.  I learned more about Native American history when I attended this field trip a million years ago.

 But, the trip was so much fun.  And we did have a good time hanging with our friends and enjoying the festival.

The best part of the day was having a picture made with the Hoop dancing Indian.  He danced with about 30 hula hoops wrapped around his body. It was pretty entertaining.

After this trip, I am definitely ready for some fall holidays!  Thanksgiving in particular. :)

Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Sunday was a gloomy, rainy day.  G's friend had a Luau/pool party planned for the afternoon.  Needless to say, the girls did not get to swim due to the rain.
But they still enjoyed the Luau festivities.  K's mom is a close friend of mine, and she normally doesn't do parties at home.  But it was a GREAT party, and I was so impressed with what all she put together. 
I used my new camera lens, and I think I am getting better with the close up.  Maybe?

 The hubby even attended the party.  He typically doesn't do birthday parties.  Especially the little girl ones.  I was so happy that he came along, and even happier when I got the picture.  Cutest picture EVER!

The girls went out to the barn for a hula hooping contest, and The limbo.  It was a lot of fun for everyone.
Great games, great food, and great friends.  A little rain could not ruin the day. 

 This face?!?

They even had the cutest photo prop's.  We had to have a photo on the beach!

After this party, baby G is in full planning mode for her own party.  After all, she only has 6 months to pull it all together.