Monday, August 20, 2012

First Day of School 2012

Today was the first day of school for my kids.  My Facebook, and Instagram pages were filled to the brim with first day of school pictures of kids holding super cute printed "grade" signs.  Someone went as far as pinning the printables, but forgot to actually PRINT them.  So, I'm including them in my blog post instead.

Big10 started the 7th grade today.  He seemed more nervous today than he did when he was new to middle school last year.  I think it was because he did not get a walk through on schedule pick up day.  We were at the beach on vacation when they gave out the schedules, so we just had a friend pick it up.
I'm not lying when I say he was a NERVOUS WRECK!  A BASKET CASE!!  Seriously.  But come to find out the day went smoothly.  He found all of his classes with no trouble, and he loves his math teacher.  He even ate the Steak Burger served in the lunch room, even though it "wasn't all that good".

My little third grader was the exact opposite of her brother.  She sprung from the bed and was dressed and ready to get out the door in about ten minutes.  It was her idea to ride the bus which is just a total shock.  She is our grumpy morning person normally.  She had a great day as well, and enjoyed seeing some of the friends that she has missed over the summer months.

I am hoping that the rest of this week is just as good as today was for these two.  And now I am off to check out the stack of paperwork that is waiting for me.


  1. I'm a little shocked that Big10 let you take a pic. Glad they both had good first days. I sure never got to do a walk through. In fact, we didn't even get our schedule's till the first day. Kids have it so easy these days. ;-)

  2. Love this, Tina! I hope they have a great rest-of-the-week too!! And you're totally not alone on the printables thing...I let my ship sail on that one too. At least we both took pictures, right? LOL! :)


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