Saturday, August 11, 2012

One last time. . . .

Monday morning we packed the car and headed to the beach for one last Summer road trip.
We have a condo that we rent from someone in Ft. Morgan near Gulf Shores, and we all just love it there.  It is a little more secluded than the Gulf Shores beaches, and I love how peaceful it is.

 When I uploaded my pictures from the camera, I realize that I only took pictures on one day.  And it was our last day at that!  I guess I am going to have to do and IPhone picture post as well.  
  The last couple of days were Red flag days, so the wind and waves were pretty strong.
Hubby and the kids enjoyed a little fishing.  While they fish, I just relax in my beach chair and listen to Jason Mraz on Pandora, and "people watch". 

 The drive down on Monday is probably the longest drive we have ever taken.  Besides the drive home Friday.  Both there and back, we made so many stops.  On the way home we stopped by The Track one last time for a couple of go cart rides.  We went by the Tanger Outlets in Foley for a little back to school shopping.  Then we stopped one last time in Fairhope to shop at Dick's Sporting Goods and eat at Zaxby's.
How crazy was I to declare "no more fast food" the week before vacation?!

 The weather was really good while we were there.  It drizzled a little bit on Thursday, but just early in the morning.  We all tend to love cloudy days at the beach.  The kids act like putting sunscreen on is a death sentence   So they welcomed the clouds any day.

 I tried my best to get a couple of happy smiles from the kids on camera.  I did manage one from baby G.  
This is what I got from Big10. . . .

When will he learn to just smile and make me happy with a photo?

I couldn't resist snapping a picture of G's torches at the entrance to her sand castle.
So Cute! 

Now we have the weekend to recover for work.  The kids have one more week before school starts.
G will start cheer practice this week, and have open house at the elementary school.  Hair cuts are on the schedule, and we will see what else I can squeeze in there.

Next up for this new blog, a signature!  Until then. . .I'll talk to y'all soon,

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  1. Girl! It's been a while!!! Your beach vacation sounded like fun.


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