Saturday, November 24, 2012

Better late than never. . . .isn't that the saying?

Cheer Competition:
Competition arrival started at 5:30 am. Meaning we had to leave our house at 4:00 am!!
But it was all worth it to be called. . . . .

 2012 NCATA Champions
This squad worked so hard for months to prepare for the competition.  I'm so glad that babyG had the opportunity to learn that hard work and determination pay off in the end.  And she had a little fun in there too.

The picture below is G with her cheer coach, Mrs. Kim.  And the NCATA championship trophy.
Not to mention her very first medal of any kind.  She was SO excited about getting the medal, that she was the first girl off the mat at the end of the routine. 

After the first competition the girls and parents took a vote on whether or not the squad would participate in the state competition.  The entry cost was minimal, and it was nearby at a local high school in the Birmingham area, so we decided to participate.

The squads competing were all so good!  We finished fifth place. 
 I was so proud of my girl for holding back her tears of disappointment until she was in private.  Several of the girls started crying right on the floor after they received their trophy.  G held her head high and conducted herself very well.

It was after we got in the car that the tears started to flow.  Luckily Nana was there with us, and she came to the rescue by taking us out for a nice dinner. 
And, a little build a bear fun really helped get G's spirits back up.

The football team made it to the semi finals in the play offs, but lost to the only team that beat us all season.
So, for now, cheer is over and we have our life back.
I am so proud of babyG and all the girls for what they accomplished this season.  She has made some sweet memories, that will follow her for a lifetime. 

Until next year, I love this little Rams cheerleader!!


  1. You can tell you do (love your little cheerleader). :)

    The pics are great!


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