Sunday, November 4, 2012


I realize that when you fail to post on your blog daily, you fall WAY behind.  I have so many things to post about, that I am just going to skip a few for the sake of getting caught up to current events.  Except for cheer competition, I'll come back to that.

On October 24th, and 25th Big10 participated in middle school basketball tryouts.  

Just a couple of weeks before basketball tryouts, he went out for baseball.  We were all so disappointed when he did not make the baseball team.  However, I was very proud of the way he handled himself.  It was the first time that he actually had to try out for a team, and I was a little concerned with how he would deal with rejection if he was not chosen.  He was clearly disappointed, but decided it is just life, and he will try again next year.  I think his dad and I definitely took it harder than he did.  It just breaks my heart that he can't have it all this time around.

On to the happy ending. . . .basketball.  He made the team!!
I am so thankful that he was chosen for the team.  Big10 loves basketball even more than baseball.  And he was so confident that he would make the team.  He never thought otherwise, and would have been devastated if he was not chosen.  

Practice started immediately this past Monday.  They practice an hour or two after school each day.  
Friday he came home from practice with his first injury of the season.  

And his first ever black eye.  He went up to block a lay up and his team mate's elbow got him right in the eye.  He said that all he remembers is seeing black and falling to the floor.  I know it must have hurt so bad!  But now he is walking around like he is so super cool to have a black eye.  Boys. . ..

Tomorrow is the first game.  And they will play again on Tuesday.  We are about to get real busy again, as they will have two to three games each week.  I'm not sure how much playing time he will get as a seventh grader this year, but he is just thrilled to be a part of the team.  And I am thrilled for him!

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